Second edition of the "Jazz at Monserrate" Festival

The very mention of a second edition of the Monserrate Jazz Festival is in itself confirmation of the success of its first edition in 2022.

In bringing together an exceptional place of contemplation and enchantment with a programme of the highest quality, the Festival has come to fill a gap, a meeting point for different generations, conviviality, experimentation, egalitarianism and for fusion of different forms of artistic expression, always around a musical style which, from its inception, has been the sum of all this: Jazz.

It is an experience which offers direct contact with nature, the smell of the earth, the singing of birds and with silence, such a precious commodity nowadays.

The Gardens of Monserrate will thus once again be the stage of a Festival that was born from a desire to elevate Portuguese music and culture, an invitation for the public to sit on the ground, take off their shoes and feel their feet on the grass while listening to a concert in the company of parents, children, grandparents and friends, and with a smile to the stranger next to them.

This year, we wanted to go beyond music, beyond the evenings and beyond the duration of the Festival, seeking to reach more people and more artists from all corners of the country: decentralising to unite.

For all this and much more, please stay tuned!